What is this for?

I love changing purposes for containers.  The situation often presents itself when I am helping a client re-organize and we empty containers.  I keep the empty containers visible and handy.  This allows me to reuse them when there is a need.  This also allows me to visualize a new purpose for it.

Just recently, I emptied two huge rolling drawers that had nice finish to the front panels.  I thought to myself “it’s so nice it could be a table top”  Waaa Laa!  I flipped the drawers on end and stacked them and the top one had the nice finished table top.  I used the open drawer space for bin storage and a box of copier paper and I used the table top for a magazine rack and a file holder.

Other re-purposing I have done:

  • Shower caddy used on the bathroom counter to hold everyday personal use products.

    Re-purposed Shower Caddy
    Re-purposed Shower Caddy
  • Mini-backpack purse for electronic chargers storage hung on a hook on the wall near the computer.

    Handy Charger Storage
    Handy Charger Storage
  • Wire kitchen basket with handle to store bathroom items in a bathroom drawer for easy retrieval and replacement.

    Just lift out basket and use then put back in!
    Just lift out basket and use then put back in!
  • Metal file holder for cooking pan lids.
  • Craft organizer for battery storage.
  • Hat box for bow storage. The box is sturdy and holds a lot of bows.
  • An Entertainment Center with Glass Doors re-purposed as Kitchen storage for everyday glassware storage and party platters. This free’d up space in the cupboards.

Remember, it might say it is for the bathroom or kitchen but you can use it in the bedroom or garage too!   There are endless possibilities!  Think about what size you need and then go hunting for something that is that size or slightly larger.  Sometimes it’s worth it to empty out a container and re-use it for something else.

Have fun with it!



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