What is an Organizing Journey? An organizing journey is process you take to get from where you are now in your home or office and where you want to be when you finish your quest. Much like travel to a faraway place, your journey has steps that you need to take to get where you want to be in life.  Along your journey you will stop and reflect and see your life from a new perspective, and then you will continue on your journey. You may decide to stay in one place for a while but eventually you must move on to reach your destination.  Your journey may take days or weeks, the important thing is that you are moving forward to your destination. Once you arrive in your new space you can reflect on where you came from and the journey you took to get there and you will enjoy life in your new space.  An organizing journey is a quest to reach your destination to a new space in your life and it involves planning, preparation and a day to begin.

You need to plan your trip; where are you going?  What would you want that space to be if you could start over?   The answer to this question becomes the destination for your journey.  Planning your journey isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is hard to “see” where you want to go.  Planning your space involves seeing the big picture of your life and identifying what you want changed to eliminate clutter, to reduce stress and make it easier to live your life the way you want to.  When you visualize your space, think about your lifestyle.  Has your lifestyle changed since you created that space? What are your needs?  Do you wish you had more space for your hobbies, for reading, for office space, or for relaxing?  Visualizing your space is not always easy when it is cluttered or not entirely visible.  This is why it is good to have a Professional Organizer to help you.  A Professional Organizer will ask the right questions and help guide the decision making based on your personal needs.  A Professional Organizer will not only help you to “see” where you want to go but will also help you develop the skills and life changes needed to help you maintain the space you want for your life.   Once you decide on a destination you need to prepare for your trip.

There is preparation for your trip; what will you need?  What do you want to take with you on your journey?  Once you decide on what function you want your space to have you can decide what you want in it.  Much like packing for a trip, preparing for an organizing journey requires thought and planning.  What furniture do you have to put there? If you move items out of the area where are they going to go?  What do you want to add to the space?  Will you need boxes, containers or new furniture pieces?  A Professional Organizer will help you by offering suggestions of what to use to organize you space.  All of these decisions will help you put together a roadmap for your journey.

When are you beginning your journey?  Once you know where you are going you need to plan your departure.  How much time do you need to prepare?  How long do you expect it will take?  There is a day your journey begins and all of your planning and preparation comes into play and you set off on your way.

Everything is set!  You know where you are going and when you are getting started on your journey.  Don’t forget your camera!  Before you begin your journey take a picture of the space you are leaving so you can see where you were before your quest.  The journey begins.  I will come along to help navigate while you are on your journey to a new space.  There will be twists and turns, but the road will still lead to the destination you have chosen.

You have arrived!   Once you complete your quest and arrive to your destination you can sit back and relax in your new space, reflecting on the journey and feeling the peace that has replaced the stress that clutter can bring.  An Organizing Journey is one worth taking because of the lasting benefits of living organized and clutter-free.  Now that your journey has brought you into your new space there is more for you to do.  You need to develop habits to keep your space looking fresh!  Developing organizing habits will help you keep your new space looking fresh and comfortable.  A Professional Organizer will provide personal attention to help you break old habits and embrace new habits that will help you to succeed in keeping your living space functional and comfortable to be in.

Where will YOUR Organizing Journey take you?