Lessons Learned – Packing for a Move – How do I cut bubble wrap?

Lessons learned – Packing for a move.

I had a huge amount of small crystal and glass items to wrap and pack.  The problem is that the bubble wrap square was too big for the items.  Bubble wrap is so expensive because you end up using a lot of it to get the job done.  “I only need a small pieces”, I groaned.  So I tried cutting it.  Ever notice that the scissors get “stuck” in the bubble wrap and the scissors don’t seem to want to cut a straight line when cutting bubble wrap?  Through trial and error I came up with the easiest and fastest way to cut bubble wrap.

 4 – Easy Steps to Cutting Bubble Wrap 

Step 1 - Tear off the desired length.
Step 2 - Lay Bubble Wrap bubbles facing up.
Step 3 - Fold up Bubble Wrap in approx. 4 inch folds.
Step 4 - Use Scissors to cut across the folded edges.

This method helps you cut through the material fast and efficiently. 




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