It’s a New Year! Did you make a New Years Resolution?

schedule_clipart-450x300-BlueBackgrBorderMany people start the year off with a New Years Resolution then they find themselves half way through the year and resolutions were not started and started ones didn’t make it past January.  What do you want to accomplish?  Goals are a positive way to shape your life but it takes a little planning to make sure that you accomplish the that goals you set.

Here are some guidelines to help you create your goals:

  1. Decide on a realistic goal.  A realistic goal is one that is achievable in a short or reasonable time period.  Break it down long term goals and create a series of short term goals that will help move toward your ultimate goal.  A long term goal might be to get your house organized but there is so much to do to reach that goal that it out of reach for the time being.  A realistic goal is to organize the bedroom by the end of the month.
  2. Your goal should be measurable.  What will the evidence be when you reach your goal?  A goal to “be organized” is to vague.  A goal to clean out the sock drawer can be measured by completing the tasks of sorting of the socks and putting back the “keepers” in an organized fashion.  The evidence is the drawer looks neat and organized.
  3. Your goal should be in the present.  Set a goal that has a specific time to complete.  For example, “I am going to clean out my sock drawer by the end of the day” or “on Tuesday I am going to clean out my sock drawer”.

Now that you have goals you need to sit down and schedule them into your life.  This is the key to completing your goals; put into place a “plan of action”.  If a goal is to vague break it down into tasks that can be scheduled, measured for completion and checked off the list, until the goal is reached.

So drop those resolutions and get on track with Life Goals and “Get er dun”!

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