Before & After

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Before we organized the desk.                                        After we organized the desk.

This office space is in the living room.  My client wanted her office area to look serene so that it complemented the living room area.   Some of the clutter was too many organizing containers.  She decided which containers she wanted to go back into the space we populated the containers with the supplies.  Extra supplies went into a container on the shelf.


Our next stop on our journey is the bathroom.  Bathrooms can be a challenge because of the small pieces and the many different products we have for personal care.  We put everyday use items in top and second drawers, and on the cabinet door (for tall items) for quick access.  All other self-care items were categorized by purpose.

From Clutter to Serene
Counter Space
From Clutter to Serene

Counter top items were in containers but my client wanted less clutter.  Everyday self care items were put in a handled basket right into a drawer for easy access and easy retrieval.

Baskets were removed from the counter and some went into the cabinet and drawers.  Here we left a small blue box for a few hair ties and clips she uses often.  We liked the crystal container on the counter and decided to leave it for now to see if we come up for a use for it.

Under the cabinet there was a two tier basket holder that now has a purpose for each drawer.  On the door, we put tall daily use products for quick access and use.  The big blue container in the middle has face products and make-up supplies in labeled baggies according to purpose such as: Eyes, Blush, Foundation, Eye and Face Cream, etc.



From Clutter to Purpose

Removing the items from the drawers leaves a good visual for sizing up.  Sorting outside the drawers allows us to see how much we have and what size drawer would be best.  This drawer was designated for remedies.  My client preferred to review them on her own to decide what to keep so we left the drawer ready for her to populate.

We put a perfume caddy and body oils in this tall drawer.  We put one long slender container to keep bottles from falling over inside the drawer and a small one for little oil bottles.  To keep counter clutter down, put the everyday use perfume out and store the rest off the counter.

This drawer holds a container for dental products.  The container can be lifted out and replaced after use.  In the back are two travel bags ready for use.



Quick, Easy Access
For Everyday and Travel Needs

These drawers are closest to the door.  The top drawer is for everyday make-up.  We used small containers to categorize these items.

The middle drawer has a basket with a handle for everyday personal care items that can be lifted out and used and then set back in for storage.  The small container is for hair ties and clips.

My client travels frequently.  She has lots of travel size products.  We labeled baggies and sorted her travel products by purpose: Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Lotions, etc.  We put the baggies in a handled basket so it can be lifted out and easily replaced into the drawer.  This will allow her to easily find what she needs when she is replenishing her travel bag.


From General Purpose to Hair Care Station
From General Purpose
to Hair Care Station

This three tiered unit was used for general purpose but it did have a basket with a hair brush and a hair dryer in it.  I stayed with that theme and put all hair care products here to create a Hair Care Station.  The pink basket has hair brushes and the hair dryer, behind are sprays and gels.

The middle shelf has some reading material.

The bottom shelf has more hair care products.