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Lessons Learned – Packing for a Move – How do I cut bubble wrap?

Lessons learned – Packing for a move. I had a huge amount of small crystal and glass items to wrap and pack.  The problem is that the bubble wrap square was too big for the items.  Bubble wrap is so expensive because you end up using a lot of it to get the job done. read more »

What is this for?

I love changing purposes for containers.  The situation often presents itself when I am helping a client re-organize and we empty containers.  I keep the empty containers visible and handy.  This allows me to reuse them when there is a need.  This also allows me to visualize a new purpose for it. Just recently, I emptied read more »

I Love Lazy Susans!

I really love to introduce Lazy Susans into an organizing plan.  A Lazy Susan provides easy access, adds efficiency and creates functional use of your space. Here are a few examples: Organize corner space Access to hard to reach items in deep cupboards Counter-top easy to frequently used items Maximize Space in tall cupboards with two read more »

It’s a New Year! Did you make a New Years Resolution?

Many people start the year off with a New Years Resolution then they find themselves half way through the year and resolutions were not started and started ones didn’t make it past January.  What do you want to accomplish?  Goals are a positive way to shape your life but it takes a little planning to read more »

Overwhelmed by Stuff?

Look around, did things get out of hand?   Clutter can create stress in your life.   Constantly looking for things you need, creates stress.  Not being able to get around easily or inability to get to things because its surrounded by clutter, creates stress too!   Sometimes clutter can be so overwhelming that you just read more »